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What Basket Ball can teach us about Cybersecurity

More than 19 million people watched the NBA finals this week to see the Warriors win over the Cavaliers. But only a small fraction of that number pay appropriate attention to the cybersecurity war that is happening right now across the globe.
In 2016, 51% of Canadian organizations polled in a study conducted by Scalar experienced security breaches – and this number is growing globally. Recent outbreaks like the WannaCry virus, has brought some attention to the needs for a cybersecurity strategy, but studies show that Canadian businesses have fallen behind the U.S and Britain in protecting their businesses against cybersecurity crimes.
“The entire cybersecurity game is a war. It’s us versus them. It’s the hacker community against the rest of the world.” — Dr. Alissa Johnson, CISO at Xerox
At Xerox, security is top of mind and our Chief Information Security Officer, Dr. Alissa Johnson (Dr. Jay), is committed to closing the gap in cybersecurity crimes. In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Dr. Jay discusses cybersecurity and the lessons we can learn about cybersecurity from the NBA finals. Learn more from Dr. Jay on the keys to securing your business here.

Xerox CISO Dr. Alissa Johnson (Dr. Jay) discusses lessons learned in cybersecurity with Huffington Post

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Xerox Makes “100 Best Corporate Citizens List” In Corporate Responsibility Magazine

At Xerox, corporate social responsibility is ingrained in our culture and we are committed to conducting business in ways that positively impact the world. We strive to constantly innovate in this area by providing programs that work to nurture a greener world, create diverse and inclusive workplaces, and strong, viable communities.
For the ninth consecutive year, Xerox is recognized as a leader in this area and named “100 Best Corporate Citizens List” by Corporate Responsibility Magazine.
Visit our News Release for more information on how we’re fulfilling our commitment to corporate social responsibility and the 100 Best Corporate Citizens List.

Xerox makes 100 Best Corporate Citizens List by @CR_Mag for impactful eco, labor & community #CSR programs.

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Mike Granek from TopDaddies.com Reviews the Xerox WorkCentre 6515

Like many consumers today, I like to do my research before I buy a product. You can usually find me reading reviews or watching YouTube video reviews and demos before deciding to make any significant purchase.
So you can imagine I was pretty excited when Mike Granek of TopDaddies.com took some time to review the Xerox ® WorkCentre ® 6515 multi-function printer.
Take a look at what Mike thought of the device:

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Xerox CTO Steve Hoover Shares Innovation Secrets

In a recent podcast, Xerox Chief Technology Officer reveals to small business expert Steve Strauss the secrets to Xerox’s rich history of innovation.

Tablet-Like ExperienceCustomers today expect a tablet-like experience on all of their devices. One way to bring this into the office place is with Xerox’s transformative new technology, ConnectKey. Steve Hoover shares his tips on how you can swipe, tap and scroll your way to innovation with the ConnectKey devices with an engaging user interface.
Apps = AgilityThe process of getting work done has moved from your desktop to your pocket. Now apps have also moved from your phone to your multifunction printer and are particularly crucial to small businesses in order to remain productive and staying at the top of their game.
Workflow StreamlinedThe future of the workplace will see an even greater connection between the physical, digital and virtual world. This is something Xerox has been innovating in for decades. The most recent example of this bridging is with the new App Gallery in the Xerox multifunction devices. We have reimagined how work gets done and how Xerox can help you spend more time innovating and less time managing documents.
Click here to find out how Chester Carlson’s xerography invention is transforming the way we work today.
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A Day in the Life of a Small to Midsize Business

By Fred Ramsey
In the last four years, ConnectKey Technology® has helped countless small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) work better by combining hardware with a common set of software solutions to enable SMBs to improve their productivity, security and cost control. ConnectKey enabled MFPs set the page free by creating intelligent documents that are searchable, secure, connected and collaborative, with ConnectKey apps at the heart of it all.
With their most recent launch, Xerox is taking ConnectKey Technology® even further, turning ConnectKey enabled MFPs into true workplace assistants that truly transform how SMBs work.
Meet Your New Teammate
The newest fleet of ConnectKey-enabled MFPs change the fundamental nature of the workplace by going beyond base printing, copying, scanning and faxing functions to enable your team to work securely from any location, save steps with simplified workflows, and to personalize the way they work. In short, it’s the most helpful co-worker you’ve ever had.
Both the new Versalink (ideal for small and midsize groups) and the Altalink (ideal for large work groups) families will be welcome additions to your team, transforming the way work gets done, helping you resolve challenges and alleviating some of your most disruptive pain points.

(click to play video)
A Friendly Face
Right out of the box there will be something comforting and familiar about your new workplace assistant – it’s the user interface. The AltaLink® and VersaLink® family of products lets you swipe, tap, scroll, and pinch the same way you do on your favorite tablet. Its intuitive design makes it simple to use, so you can get the job done with less clicking, and less time wasted standing at the printer.
Imagine starting your day by walking up to a machine that is familiar and easy to use, […]

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Xerox’s Future of Work Tour Lands in Toronto

By: Erin Gillard
Event focused on how Xerox is transforming the way businesses work
The Xerox global Future of Work Tour made a stop in Toronto this week to showcase Xerox’s new ConnectKey technology and introduce the new Workplace Assistant devices.
The Toronto event featured a keynote speech by Peter Leyden, the former managing editor of WIRED, who shared his insights on key periods of historical transformations and the impact such moments had on technology. Leyden shared how today’s early stages of a new technological boom era of the digitization of everything will change the way we work, impact our economic growth, improve our productivity and create and connect new industries.

Connecting the Physical World with the Digital World
In front of a packed audience, there was a common theme in each presentation: how Xerox was helping to connect the physical and digital worlds and the impact this will have on how people work.
“Xerox’s rich history is based on the interaction between technology and humans,” says Paul Smith, Vice President of the Xerox Research Centre of Canada. “We are working everyday [at Xerox] to merge the virtual, physical and digital worlds.”
As Steve Hoover, Xerox’s Chief Technology Officer, explained the new Xerox Connect Key devices are bridging this intersection and acting as the interface for the new ways to “get things done” in the workforce.
Transforming the Customer Experience
“The language of business is completely ready to transform,” says David ‘Shingy’ Shing, AOL’s self-proclaimed Digital Prophet.
Xerox’s mission with the new products is to once again transform the fundamental way that people work and as a means to transform the customer experience.
“We want to help people communicate and collaborate more freely,” says Toni Clayton-Hine, Chief Marketing Officer for Xerox.
Watch the Future of Work […]

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7 Steps for Choosing the Right Managed Print Services Provider

Making the decision to partner with a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can not only offer significant cost savings, but can also increase productivity in the workplace and reduce the amount of downtime related to printing issues.

To get the most out of your investment in MPS, you’ll want to choose a partner that understands your business and proactively offers solutions to streamline document processes.

Here are several steps to take that will help you choose the best MPS partner for your business:

Begin with analysis. Considering that MPS is certainly not a one-size-fits-all solution, you’ll want to choose a provider that uses analytical tools to give you a fact-based report about what the actual costs of your existing printing environment are.

Consider the MPS provider’s track record. Is the MPS provider experienced in working with businesses such as yours to create an optimized print environment?

Find an MPS provider that offers solutions for both hardcopy and digital workflows. While many business processes still rely heavily on paper, the trend in the future is to move towards optimized digital workflows. The right MPS provider can help your business to transition to more efficient digital workflows.

Ask about integration. Will the MPS provider’s proposed solutions be able to integrate with your existing IT infrastructure? Will you be offered features such as the ability to connect seamlessly to cloud applications and/or the ability to print from mobile devices?

Choose an MPS partner that will grow with your business. When selecting an MPS partner, it’s important that you consider how the relationship will benefit you in the long run. Will the provider be able to meet your needs a year down the road?

Ask about security. Security breaches are on […]

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Can a Printer Make Your Business More Productive?

By Gregory Pings, manager for Content Marketing at Xerox
“It didn’t come with much.”
That’s from Alexandra Levit, who speaks about, writes on, and explores workplace trends. She’s talking about the Xerox VersaLink C405, a ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printer, and she meant it as a compliment. Like just about anyone who works in a small business, she doesn’t have the luxury of an IT support crew. As such, any new technology has to be self-explanatory without a lot of cords and things that need to be hooked up.

Watch Alexandra Levit’s review of the VersLink C400 in the this video.
Alexandra likes the intuitive user interface on the VersaLink’screen. “No matter how you access it, the user experience is pretty much consistent.” Her printing needs are simple, with the most pressing issue being able to use print and scan functions for DropBox while she’s away from the office. The test? Print an especially long document from DropBox via her smartphone in her car. “It was ready by the time I got home,” she wrote in her blog.

Read Alexandra’s full review in her blog.
Editor’s note: Alexandra Levit is a paid contributor for Xerox. The drawing for the VersaLink C405 has already been held; congratulations to the winner, Sunny Bonnell of the brand marketing agency Motto.
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Xerox DocuShare Flex Makes It Easy for Small Businesses to Store, Access and Share Information Digitally

New cloud-based DocuShare platform will allow businesses with as few as five employees to streamline business processes, saving time and money.
APR 20, 2017

NORWALK, Conn., April 20, 2017 – Enterprise content management (ECM) used to make sense only for large companies with the size and budgets to make the conversion to digital worthwhile. Now, with the introduction of Xerox DocuShare® Flex, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and company departments can digitize processes like invoicing, sharing files, editing, managing databases and storing documents, just like large companies do.

SMBs tend to rely on inefficient paper-based systems and often lack centralized storage of digital information. According to respondents to a 2016 Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) survey, poor content management practices result in taking too long to find content (62 percent), duplicated efforts (52 percent) and insufficient re-use (46 percent)1.
The new DocuShare Flex platform is cloud based and provides the automation, security and scalability of large-scale ECM systems in an affordable package that’s easy to configure and use without IT support.

DocuShare Flex systems will save SMBs hours, days or weeks. Users can complete a range of document-intensive tasks such as:
Routing documents automatically to facilitate approval processes and version control;
Automating necessary documentation for ease of compliance with government and industry mandates;
Simplifying management of the multitude of documents required for transactions, accounting, billing and other document-intensive operations.
“We developed DocuShare Flex from the ground up to be the ECM solution of choice for SMBs and company departments,” said Wasim A. Khan, head of Xerox global workflow automation. “DocuShare Flex will enable users to be more responsive by enabling them to find information quickly and easily, more secure by better controlling access to sensitive documents, and more productive by automating […]

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Sustainability Among Small and Mid-Size Businesses: Less is More

By Catherine Reeves
“Sustainability” is one of today’s most frequently used yet most misunderstood terms. Many people consider it to be complex or costly when in reality, sustainability is just the opposite; its goal is to let you do more while “spending” less. That “less” can be anything from office costs, to physical energy, to environmental harm.
“Sustainability” is the state that is reached when we improve the way we work or live, realize economic benefit because of the improvement, and avoid adversely impacting the environment at the same time. Sustainability results when social, environmental and economic aspects are in balance and not one is compromised at the expense of the other.
Consider this: walking or biking to a destination rather than driving in a car is a simpler choice that brings a wealth of benefits both environmental (eliminate GHG emissions associated with driving), as well as personal (saving money on gas and improving your health). By walking or biking you’re no longer subject to the variability of the transportation schedule and have greater control of when you arrive at the destination. Definitely, a freeing experience – and one that epitomizes the notion of less is more.

Sustainability at Work
In the small and mid-size office setting, using scanning and then emailing, rather than printing and using postal mail, is likely to be much more sustainable. Environmental benefits come with efficient paper use (i.e. using paper only when needed), economic benefits arise from reduced costs for paper, ink and postage, and the social benefits of being able to communicate with peers and colleagues around the world easily and instantaneously. With this example, as with the idea of biking or walking, the more sustainable process is the […]

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