The holidays are upon us, and coincidentally, this most wonderful time of the year is often also the most hectic at work. Your team is asking for time off, your customers are either frantic or closing down for the season and everyone needs everything last week!

So how can you get everything on your plate accomplished and still have time to celebrate? Here are some tips that can help!

  1. Communicate Clearly and Continuously. Keep your team in the loop. Make sure they know important dates and schedules like critical deadlines for deliverables, who’s out of the office, and any days off coming up. Keep your customers informed of any days you’ll be closing and how to contact you should an emergency arise.
  1. Collaborate Faster. Waiting for your team to submit documents before they can be passed on to the next person? Save time by updating technology to facilitate faster collaboration. Products like Xerox’s ConnectKey technology can make scanning, sharing and storing documents on the cloud a breeze. Plus they’re available to any team member at any time!
  1. Keep Supplies On Hand for the Busy Season. Nothing is worse than running out of critical supplies during crunch time! Xerox VersaLink printers make it easy to check toner so you’ll never run out. They can also print 2-sided documents so you’ll need less paper. Use the Xerox eConcierge program to order supplies with a single click!
  1. Get A Head Start. Need to create multiple documents for rush delivery? Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel, use Xerox templates for a quick turnaround. With a wide selection of everything from PowerPoint slides to greeting cards and certificates, you’ll be outputting documents in less time this holiday season!
  1. Automate Your Workflows. Automating tasks like scanning can save you a ton of time. For instance, create one-touch processes with the Xerox Mobile Link app. It can eliminate steps: scan your document, update the format, rename the file and store it in multiple locations with a single mouse click. Even better, scan directly to programs like Microsoft Office 365 with Xerox Web Capture Service.

Small steps can result in big-time savings. Keep a cool head this holiday season and give us a call to learn how Xerox technology can help you to lower costs, automate your workflows, and save plenty of time so both you and your team can celebrate the holidays!