By Gregory Pings, manager for Content Marketing at Xerox
“It didn’t come with much.”
That’s from Alexandra Levit, who speaks about, writes on, and explores workplace trends. She’s talking about the Xerox VersaLink C405, a ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printer, and she meant it as a compliment. Like just about anyone who works in a small business, she doesn’t have the luxury of an IT support crew. As such, any new technology has to be self-explanatory without a lot of cords and things that need to be hooked up.

Watch Alexandra Levit’s review of the VersLink C400 in the this video.
Alexandra likes the intuitive user interface on the VersaLink’screen. “No matter how you access it, the user experience is pretty much consistent.” Her printing needs are simple, with the most pressing issue being able to use print and scan functions for DropBox while she’s away from the office. The test? Print an especially long document from DropBox via her smartphone in her car. “It was ready by the time I got home,” she wrote in her blog.

Read Alexandra’s full review in her blog.
Editor’s note: Alexandra Levit is a paid contributor for Xerox. The drawing for the VersaLink C405 has already been held; congratulations to the winner, Sunny Bonnell of the brand marketing agency Motto.

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