By Catherine Reeves
“Sustainability” is one of today’s most frequently used yet most misunderstood terms. Many people consider it to be complex or costly when in reality, sustainability is just the opposite; its goal is to let you do more while “spending” less. That “less” can be anything from office costs, to physical energy, to environmental harm.
“Sustainability” is the state that is reached when we improve the way we work or live, realize economic benefit because of the improvement, and avoid adversely impacting the environment at the same time. Sustainability results when social, environmental and economic aspects are in balance and not one is compromised at the expense of the other.
Consider this: walking or biking to a destination rather than driving in a car is a simpler choice that brings a wealth of benefits both environmental (eliminate GHG emissions associated with driving), as well as personal (saving money on gas and improving your health). By walking or biking you’re no longer subject to the variability of the transportation schedule and have greater control of when you arrive at the destination. Definitely, a freeing experience – and one that epitomizes the notion of less is more.

Sustainability at Work
In the small and mid-size office setting, using scanning and then emailing, rather than printing and using postal mail, is likely to be much more sustainable. Environmental benefits come with efficient paper use (i.e. using paper only when needed), economic benefits arise from reduced costs for paper, ink and postage, and the social benefits of being able to communicate with peers and colleagues around the world easily and instantaneously. With this example, as with the idea of biking or walking, the more sustainable process is the one with the greatest benefits. With a legacy of sustainability accomplishments and office products that improve the way we work, Xerox has a commitment to continuing innovation, critical to delivering sustainable products for small and mid-size businesses going forward.
Simplifying with Apps
Sustainability doesn’t have to be the complicated practice so many make it out to be. Sustainability is simply about improving the way we work and live, while simultaneously benefiting economically from the improvement without negatively impacting the environment.

Xerox is developing all of their new products, services and solutions with this ideal in mind. The new ConnectKey-enabled devices connect you with the Xerox App gallery, which offers document workflow apps for ConnectKey-enabled devices that can improve your productivity, simplify workflows, convey pertinent business information, and enhance the overall user experience. The App Gallery is rich with opportunities to help small and medium size businesses simplify processes and cut costs, while also helping them take steps to reduce their environmental footprint. Take a look at their newest ConnectKey offerings today and ask yourself, what can the new idea of less is more do for you?

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