Making the decision to partner with a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can not only offer significant cost savings, but can also increase productivity in the workplace and reduce the amount of downtime related to printing issues.

To get the most out of your investment in MPS, you’ll want to choose a partner that understands your business and proactively offers solutions to streamline document processes.

Here are several steps to take that will help you choose the best MPS partner for your business:

  1. Begin with analysis. Considering that MPS is certainly not a one-size-fits-all solution, you’ll want to choose a provider that uses analytical tools to give you a fact-based report about what the actual costs of your existing printing environment are.
  1. Consider the MPS provider’s track record. Is the MPS provider experienced in working with businesses such as yours to create an optimized print environment?
  1. Find an MPS provider that offers solutions for both hardcopy and digital workflows. While many business processes still rely heavily on paper, the trend in the future is to move towards optimized digital workflows. The right MPS provider can help your business to transition to more efficient digital workflows.
  1. Ask about integration. Will the MPS provider’s proposed solutions be able to integrate with your existing IT infrastructure? Will you be offered features such as the ability to connect seamlessly to cloud applications and/or the ability to print from mobile devices?
  1. Choose an MPS partner that will grow with your business. When selecting an MPS partner, it’s important that you consider how the relationship will benefit you in the long run. Will the provider be able to meet your needs a year down the road?
  1. Ask about security. Security breaches are on the rise, and a popular entry point is through a multifunction printer. Ask your prospective MPS provider how they will thwart off such threats and keep your data secure.
  1. Consider the sustainability benefits. How will the MPS provider reduce the amount of printing that occurs in the workplace? How energy efficient is the proposed technology? Will they implement a recycling program for used print cartridges?

The right MPS provider can make a tremendous contribution to your company, so take the time to ask these tough questions up front.

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