By: Erin Gillard
Event focused on how Xerox is transforming the way businesses work
The Xerox global Future of Work Tour made a stop in Toronto this week to showcase Xerox’s new ConnectKey technology and introduce the new Workplace Assistant devices.
The Toronto event featured a keynote speech by Peter Leyden, the former managing editor of WIRED, who shared his insights on key periods of historical transformations and the impact such moments had on technology. Leyden shared how today’s early stages of a new technological boom era of the digitization of everything will change the way we work, impact our economic growth, improve our productivity and create and connect new industries.

Connecting the Physical World with the Digital World
In front of a packed audience, there was a common theme in each presentation: how Xerox was helping to connect the physical and digital worlds and the impact this will have on how people work.
“Xerox’s rich history is based on the interaction between technology and humans,” says Paul Smith, Vice President of the Xerox Research Centre of Canada. “We are working everyday [at Xerox] to merge the virtual, physical and digital worlds.”
As Steve Hoover, Xerox’s Chief Technology Officer, explained the new Xerox Connect Key devices are bridging this intersection and acting as the interface for the new ways to “get things done” in the workforce.
Transforming the Customer Experience
“The language of business is completely ready to transform,” says David ‘Shingy’ Shing, AOL’s self-proclaimed Digital Prophet.
Xerox’s mission with the new products is to once again transform the fundamental way that people work and as a means to transform the customer experience.
“We want to help people communicate and collaborate more freely,” says Toni Clayton-Hine, Chief Marketing Officer for Xerox.
Watch the Future of Work overview reel to see highlights from the event, Xerox’s digital transformation journey and how it’s changing the customer experience.

Check out the Future of Work Tour site for more information about the event or to attend a stop in your city.

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