Financial Service institutions today are facing many of the same challenges as other industries that are not managing their print environments. Often, they have underutilized or out-of-date equipment scattered throughout their office, lack of knowledge regarding the total costs of the equipment, outdated workflow processes and as a result the cost of printing is often out of control!

This industry in particular is marked by a demand for innovative products and services that can provide responsiveness, compliance and agility. While these challenges are specific to the industry, the document output challenges may not be.

We have worked with many financial services clients and we have seen some common challenges across the sector including:

  • Data security both for proprietary information and client data
  • Uncontrolled or out of control print expenses
  • Cost visibility
  • Unnecessary waste
  • A lack of print protocols, monitoring and rules in place

At SDS we have a proven approach that is specifically designed to address and find hidden operating expenses in your company’s print environment with unique methods to help control printing expenses in a volatile market. Our Managed Print Services allow you to reduce discretionary printing while at the same time create predictable operating budgets you can count on. Our approach includes:

  • Instituting user print protocols
  • Secure print environments
  • Reduce and control costs
  • implement mobile printing support
  • institute a general print strategy

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