How flexible is our Managed Print Services solution?

Very flexible. SDS can design a solution for any group of printing devices on your network. Our comprehensive solution supports all brands of networked printers and multifunction printers—monochrome and colour.

How does Managed Print Services improve your print environment?

Simplified accounting. Managed Print Services customers receive a monthly, itemized invoice for the number and type of prints made across their print fleet. It includes everything needed to accurately review, reconcile, and forecast your office printing budget. Cumulative data helps you identify excess printing trouble spots and make appropriate adjustments.

A fixed cost-per-page. In an unmanaged environment, every document printed uses a variable amount of ink or toner. You pay a different price for every print. Service calls are unpredictable and typically support minimum thresholds for multiple service vendors. With Managed Print Services all your variable expenses are consolidated. Customers pay a fixed cost-per-page that reduces your overall expenditures.

Ease of use, peace of mind. Managed Print Services also saves soft dollars by simplifying ordering and vendor management of multiple suppliers. With Managed Print Services there’s no need to keep an inventory of supplies on hand. You get next-day delivery whenever any device requires more. With our Managed Print Services Assistant print monitoring software you get real-time visibility of your networked print fleet and can order supplies or service online from a single, dedicated supplier.

How much support is available?

Service and support. SDS offers maintenance, on-site service and technical support to ensure that you get dependable, professional printing when you need it.

Customized for your needs. Whether you’re looking for cost savings on device acquisition, ongoing print costs, high-volume, or high-coverage printing environments, SDS will design a solution that fits your needs.

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Your printing devices are already networked. Why not take advantage of today’s technology and bring the next level of efficiency, cost savings, and management to your company’s print environment? Contact us today for a free assessment.