In a recent podcast, Xerox Chief Technology Officer reveals to small business expert Steve Strauss the secrets to Xerox’s rich history of innovation.

Tablet-Like ExperienceCustomers today expect a tablet-like experience on all of their devices. One way to bring this into the office place is with Xerox’s transformative new technology, ConnectKey. Steve Hoover shares his tips on how you can swipe, tap and scroll your way to innovation with the ConnectKey devices with an engaging user interface.
Apps = AgilityThe process of getting work done has moved from your desktop to your pocket. Now apps have also moved from your phone to your multifunction printer and are particularly crucial to small businesses in order to remain productive and staying at the top of their game.
Workflow StreamlinedThe future of the workplace will see an even greater connection between the physical, digital and virtual world. This is something Xerox has been innovating in for decades. The most recent example of this bridging is with the new App Gallery in the Xerox multifunction devices. We have reimagined how work gets done and how Xerox can help you spend more time innovating and less time managing documents.
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