In today’s economy, businesses are always looking for ways to control costs while increasing productivity. One frequently overlooked area is the print environment. Did you know that almost 90% of all North American companies do not know how much they are spending on print? Those costs that are hiding in your print environment could be costing your business thousands of dollars annually!

Here are five areas within your print environment that could be costing you more than you think:

  1. Supplies – Supplies are not really a hidden cost but when mismanaged can drive up your costs.  Be sure to store all supplies securely and keep an inventory to track any unnecessary use of your expensive supplies.
  2. Hardware – It may be tempting to purchase low-cost printers up front, but buyer beware.  These devices usually cost more in the long run, requiring expensive consumables.
  3. Lost Productivity – Improperly placed printers can cause employees to travel outside of their departments to retrieve their documents, or wait in line to get their document from a printer that can’t handle the workload.
  4. Unnecessary UsePrint monitoring and protocols can help to reduce unnecessary printing. Simple solutions like defaulting to double-sided prints can cut you consumables costs in half!
  5. Energy Consumption – Placing an older, inefficient printer in a heavy use area can lead to unnecessarily high energy bills. Energy Star-rated devices are more energy efficient and sport features like energy saving which powers them down when not in use.

If you’d like learn how to your print cut costs, contact us for a free print assessment. We’ll help you uncover what your print environment is actually costing your business!