More than 19 million people watched the NBA finals this week to see the Warriors win over the Cavaliers. But only a small fraction of that number pay appropriate attention to the cybersecurity war that is happening right now across the globe.
In 2016, 51% of Canadian organizations polled in a study conducted by Scalar experienced security breaches – and this number is growing globally. Recent outbreaks like the WannaCry virus, has brought some attention to the needs for a cybersecurity strategy, but studies show that Canadian businesses have fallen behind the U.S and Britain in protecting their businesses against cybersecurity crimes.
“The entire cybersecurity game is a war. It’s us versus them. It’s the hacker community against the rest of the world.” — Dr. Alissa Johnson, CISO at Xerox
At Xerox, security is top of mind and our Chief Information Security Officer, Dr. Alissa Johnson (Dr. Jay), is committed to closing the gap in cybersecurity crimes. In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Dr. Jay discusses cybersecurity and the lessons we can learn about cybersecurity from the NBA finals. Learn more from Dr. Jay on the keys to securing your business here.

Xerox CISO Dr. Alissa Johnson (Dr. Jay) discusses lessons learned in cybersecurity with Huffington Post

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