In this month’s issue of Canadian Business Journal, Mohan Mailvaganam, Director of Digital Process Automation at Xerox Canada, talks about why digitization is an essential and strategic move for businesses to help save costs, reduce paper usage, and even improve their customer experience and competitive advantage.
“Organizations from all sectors and of all sizes – from small- and medium-sized businesses to large corporations – can realize [benefits] such as improving the client acquisition process and streamlining back-office operations by leveraging workflow automation and digitization capabilities,” Mailvaganam says.
Xerox has used digitization to help organizations across Canada to realize immediate business benefits. Recently Xerox worked with Family Service Toronto (FST) – a not-for-profit organization that provides counselling, community development, advocacy and public education programs – to digitize its paper-based processes prior to moving to a new location. The project was daunting – including converting decades of paper records stored in more than 500 bankers boxes. But with a positive 10-year cost-benefit analysis that showed the initial investment in a digital document management solution was worthwhile, FST realized a digital strategy was the right choice to make. FST were able to cut operating costs and improve internal business process, including reducing invoice processing time by 60%. More importantly, FST was able to redirect resources from back-office processing to direct client service, improving experiences for both staff and clients.

Mailvaganam says the biggest barrier to change is institutional culture – how the organization thinks and acts from upper leadership to middle management and down to frontline staff. He says there has to be company-wide buy-in to effect real change, and many organizations don’t understand the specific benefits to their operations. He recommends that companies begin by understanding their documents and workflows using document analytics to help start the digital process.
To read more from Mailvagnam about how you can make the jump to digital, read the full Canadian Business Journal article here.

Source:: xerox news