Reports on digital theft and are common in today’s news.  It seems the attacks on business information and personal data are more frequent and show no signs of slowing.  There is a danger for every office that their network and systems could be vulnerable.

The following are some key areas that can often be overlooked by office managers and IT groups:

•Network infrastructure – The first line of defense for any business against cyber-attacks is the network.  Make sure all routers, switches, firewalls and servers have updated security measures to block the newest hack techniques.
•Browsers – from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, all browsers have some degree of vulnerability.  Make sure all browsers are current and consider using extra add-ons to lock down security and prevent intrusion by blocking known problem sites.
•Intelligent office machines – many new fax machines, copiers, scanners and printers have built in intelligence that leverages online communications.  Be sure to confirm the security features that are available for these machines and their proper settings are enabled to reduce vulnerability.

Small and medium businesses can be particularly vulnerable because of limited IT resources. A knowledgeable Managed Print Services provider can help evaluate existing vulnerabilities in your print environment to help keep your data safe.