Benefits of a Managed Print Program

A Managed Print program can help you make the most of your existing print environment, while reducing costs and enhancing document workflows. Here are some tips to help you find the right provider for your business.
Benefits of Managed Print Services
A Managed Print program is designed to oversee every aspect of your print environment, freeing up internal resources while optimizing efficiency and workflow with services that include:

In-Depth Print Analysis – Managed Print experts have the necessary tools and systems in place to analyze your print requirements on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. With this information, your print program can be custom tailored to suit your exact needs.

Strategic Placement – Time spent waiting in line to copy, print, scan, or fax documents can be better spent growing your business. Managed Print Services can help by placing the right equipment in the right locations to relieve bottlenecks and increase efficiency.

Budgeting – Not knowing how much you spend on printing can make it impossible to budget for the year ahead. A Managed Print program helps to turn an unknown variable into a more stable, predictable, monthly expenditure while increasing your bottom line.

Streamlined Inventory – Personal desktop devices can place a strain on resources and cause vulnerabilities within your print network. Multifunction devices are more economical and energy efficient.

Supply Management – Consumables such as toner are tracked and delivered when you need them to eliminate the need for excessive inventory, prevent unscheduled downtime, and avoid ad-hoc purchasing.

Device Upgrades  – After identifying devices that are inefficient or underperforming, your provider will make recommendations for replacements, to enhance document workflow and reliability.
What Can You Expect From a Managed Print Program?
Maximize your investment by choosing a Managed Print Services provider that offers the following:

Employee training for technology and security practices.
24/7 live support.

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How Do You Know if Your Print Environment is Inefficient? Look for These Signs…

You may be spending a lot more on your document management than you realize. What if you could get rid of the inefficiencies in your print environment? You’d enjoy significant savings and increased productivity. The key lies in spotting the signs in your print environment that keep you from running at peak efficiency.

Here are some signs to look for:

You have too many “cheap” printers. One big sign of inefficiency is the proliferation of cheap printers in your workplace. While the entry price is attractive, consumables costs for them can quickly add up.
Too many abandoned documents in printer trays. Unnecessary printing is another sign of inefficiency. Overprinting is a waste of toner and paper! Documents lying around output trays are a security risk.
Everyone is buying supplies. No one wants to run out of supplies in the middle of a job. Often, that means people buying toner when they think it’s low. While it looks harmless, decentralized purchasing is often unaccounted for and can be a significant drain on your bottom line!
Too much colour output. Colour print costs up to 4X as much as black and white. While some colour printing is important (marketing materials, presentations or proposals) most documents can be printed in black and white at a reduced cost. This problem arises when you do not have print protocols in place and no one is monitoring output.
You’re IT is drowning in print-related issues. – It’s estimated that between 40 and 60% of IT calls and time are spent on print related issues. Outsourcing calls can help, but eliminating the need altogether goes further. For example, retiring old technology can reduce calls significantly.

Why Managed Print Services Makes Sense

Managed Print Services (MPS) is a great […]

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