By: Brad Allan
How many people can give a detailed explanation of the inner workings of their mobile phone? Who stands around at parties explaining how cellular data is transferred or what happens when you flip on a light switch? The whole point of modern conveniences is to be convenient. We need to be able to rely on them to do the job that’s asked without a lot of support and direction from us, the humble user. Imagine if your office technology worked the same way.
Ask most small business owners and they’ll tell you that what they want isn’t bells and whistles but easy to use technology they can rely on day in and day out. Xerox listened to those demands and created the new WorkCentre® 6515 Color MFP (multifunction printer) with the small business owner in mind.
It Just Works
The words ‘learning curve’ send a chill up nearly every spine, from the CEO to the reception desk. What it really represents is the loss in productivity (and the headaches and frustration) that can be expected when a new machine is introduced to the office – especially when it’s the equipment the whole team relies on every day. The WorkCentre® 6515 was built to minimize interruptions by being simple to operate and ready to go to work right out of the box, with standard wireless configuration that means both minimal setup, and no headaches about placement. The new 5” user interface on the WorkCentre® MFP is bigger and easier to use, but best of all, its familiar interface is highly reminiscent of the mobile devices you use every day, which means very little of that pesky ‘learning curve’ and a lot more ‘get to work’.

Paper: The Lifeblood of Your Office
A recent survey by Coleman Parkes Research for Xerox showed that nearly all business still rely on paper processes, with less than 1% reporting otherwise. Streamlining these processes to be efficient and cost effective is an essential component of a well-run business, and the WorkCentre®6515 is a great place to start. Until now, most small business found that affordability and quality didn’t always go hand in hand. The 6515 changes all that, with a 1200 x 2400 output quality that is remarkable at this price point, allowing businesses to print clear, high quality images quickly and efficiently, at a price that doesn’t require them to sacrifice their budget.
Now imagine a printer that is efficient, affordable, and rock solid reliable. You’re not dreaming. Once again, the WorkCentre® 6515 comes through for small business, with unparalleled reliability that makes it an asset, rather than a distraction.
If you’re wondering where color fits into all this, wonder no more. The WorkCentre® 6515 comes equipped with extra high capacity cartridges that can produce up to 4300 pages without the need for replenishment, so you can not only print beautiful, high quality images, you can print more of them, with less interruption.
Peace of Mind
You’ve heard the old joke about being self-employed, right? Own your own business and set your own hours – you choose which 12 hours of the day you want to work. With the help of the Xerox WorkCentre® 6515 you might actually get a bit more rest – or at least, sleep more soundly when you do. That’s because it comes equipped with a one year on-site warranty. Regardless of geography, the bottom line is that in addition to the WorkCentre® 6515’s reliability and productivity benefits, you’ll have the additional extra peace of mind that comes from knowing you are buying genuine Xerox toner.
A smaller version, the Phaser 6510 color printer, is also available. Like the WorkCentre® 6515, it also boasts outstanding quality, reliability and ease of use, but without features like faxing and scanning capabilities. Pricing for the WorkCentre® 6515 starts at $469, while the Phaser® 6510 starts at $319.
Look good in all of your many hats with help from the Xerox WorkCentre® 6515. Ask your Xerox channel partner about it today.
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