Its 4:00 pm on a Friday afternoon and you are staring at the items that still remain on your to-do list. We’ve all had that feeling of frustration and disappointment at the day – or the week, or month even – that just ‘got away from you’ because you were busy putting out all the little fires that take up your time. The next thing on your list is dealing with an invoice on your desk for your monthly print costs that have crept up over the last few months. It’s the last thing you want to deal with, and you ask yourself – ‘Who over-ordered on the extra supplies for the printer when we have a cupboard full of them? Who submitted the expense claim for the brand new printer when we just bought one last month?’

“One of the first things we hear from our clients is that they’re spending too much time and money on their print,” says Tina Kakaria, Director of Managed Print Services for Xerox Canada. “That’s why our Managed Print Services remains one of our most popular offerings – because it can help businesses focus on their core business and take the worry out of print, in any type of print environment, no matter which brand of printers you are using.”
Xerox pioneered Managed Print Services to make your business more efficient and productive – and help save you money. With more than 20 years’ experience helping companies across Canada, we use industry-leading tools to help businesses of all sizes to reduce and optimize their printing costs.
The first step is to work with a team of Xerox experts to assess your printing needs. Then, we’ll work with you to design a custom solution to help optimize your printing environment and automate your processes to manage your supplies, improve your workflow and productivity, reduce your printing costs, save you money and help you reach your sustainability goals.
Watch how our unique Managed Print Services can make your business more secure, mobile enabled and efficient.

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