In 1975, Business Week magazine predicted that the “office of the future” would be completely paperless as business workers relied on technology and automated processes that would make paper unnecessary.
More than 40 years later, when technology has advanced exponentially, why is the paperless office is still not a reality?
Xerox believes the answer lies in inefficient workflows. For Canadian businesses, reinventing their customer service or launching new products and services is challenging. It’s even more challenging when most of their processes are bogged down by paper.

Digitally automating business processes makes documents, content and information flow freely. Here are a few workflows Xerox can help with:

Project collaboration between employees
Major enterprise processes such as employee onboarding and vendor contract management
Print device management and maintenance

Check out our eBook, “Three Flow Killers,” to help you pinpoint which processes in your organization most need automation and see how Xerox can speed up your workflows.

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