By Dharminder Biharie
It’s a common metaphor used in business: Having a ‘helicopter view’. It means seeing the big picture. Rising above the granular details to see the overall context and environment your business operates. Seeing the forest for the trees, if you will.
Any good CEO, VP or executive should be able to do it.
But I’m here to challenge that notion. Have you ever noticed how long it takes a helicopter to start? Or how clunky it maneuvers through the sky?
I believe the helicopter view is a thing of the past. You should be viewing the business world in a new, innovative way: fast, agile, lean and mobile.
The drone way.
The world is changing fast. A drone can keep pace.
Your business is transforming in the blink of an eye. All of the traditional golden rules about marketing, sales and IT have changed dramatically within the last eight years. Gone are the days of simply selling print, signage or direct mail. Today, you are selling a solution to solve your customers’ problems.

To find these solutions, you need to be fast in tips, tricks and execution. Your brain should be a walking Wikipedia about their business problems. If you don’t know your customer’s customer, you will be left behind.

Sometimes the competition will come from an entirely unconventional direction. A decade ago, we would have scoffed at the idea of choosing a strangers apartment over a hotel when vacationing (AirBnB) or riding with a recreational driver over an official taxicab (Uber).
Our industry is no different. Some of the best print applications are not made by the traditional printers, but by the entrepreneurs, IT consultants, or even those who get frustrated with a service, such as the founder of VistaPrint.
Don’t think like the slow-moving helicopter that makes a lot of noise and consumes a lot of fuel. Think fast. Think precise. Think like a drone.
How do I apply this mindset to my business?
I have been visiting commercial printers over the past five years and have found a clear correlation between their performance and five very specific success factors.
The most successful printers have:
Social Selling
Ready to Learn More?
Each of these success factors are critically important for your company’s future, and there is a lot of useful information within each. In my next article, each of these components are deconstructed and explained in further detail.
Best of all, each of these factors will lead your company to a brighter future.
This article was originally posted on the Xerox Digital Printing Hot Spot blog.

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