Xerox Canada’s Bridge to Digital Business blog closes, but you can still stay in touch
Five years and 285 articles later, the time has come to close the Xerox Canada Bridge to Digital Business blog.
When I first took over the helm of the Bridge to Digital blog about three years ago, I’ll admit I was skeptical about whether a blog about helping Canadian businesses move into the digital realm was still relevant. Being of the oft-discussed millennial generation with our deep roots in technology, I assumed most businesses would be far on the path on their digital journey.
Boy, was I wrong.
We’ve spent the last five years exploring just how challenging it can be for businesses to make the leap to digital. Just last month, IDC Canada published a new study that found that although Canadian business leaders were aware of the necessity for a digital strategy, only 38% of businesses are taking the actions needed to move to digital.
The problem is not uniquely Canadian – and that’s one of the key reasons why we’ve decided to close this blog. Businesses around the world are struggling to embrace digital, become more productive, maximize their efficiencies and compete in today’s landscape. So I’ll pop up from time to time with more articles about these themes on some of the other Xerox blogs below.

I hope you’ve found our articles informative, and that they’ve helped you make one or two business decisions. I also hope you’ll keep in touch with us in the Xerox Canada Newsroom for press releases, updates, and facts about Xerox in Canada and in the other Xerox blogs that cover every part of our business and our world:
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Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts with me over the years. In the words of CBC’s Peter Mansbridge, who also signed off for the last time this month, it’s been quite a ride for me but it’s always been a privilege to be a part of bringing our stories to you. I can only hope you’ve found it worthwhile too. Goodbye from the Bridge to Digital Blog.

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