Are you considering the purchase or lease of a new multifunction printer (MFP) for your office? On the surface, most multifunction printers seem to pretty similar…after all, most perform the same functions and offer the same features such as printing, copying, faxing and scanning.  However, important differences can be found when you look into the level of support provided by the manufacturer or reseller.

Here’s What to Look For

• There are key differences that may appear subtle, but can impact your overall cost over the life of your machine. For example, warranty terms can vary widely. Some cover you for 30 days, some 90 days, and some for 3 years; it depends on the manufacturer or reseller. Which brings up another important point – who will cover your warranty? Is it the manufacturer or reseller? Know who to call when there’s a problem!

• If you’re planning on leasing, check any service agreement that may be included.  No matter which printer you choose, it’s going to require service at some point in its lifecycle. When the technician arrives and runs those test copies after fixing your machine, who is responsible for paying for those prints? Believe it or not, those costs can add up over the life of your device. Make sure any service agreement clearly outlines cost responsibilities before signing!

• Today’s MFPs are sophisticated machines and function as a computer on your network. They can connect to the Internet, have internal storage and memory and can be subject to a data breach just like your computer. Does the machine offer full system security or will it be necessary to install single sub-system security to protect your network? Full system security is generally provided at point of manufacture, covers all areas and […]