Paper is still essential for many businesses to function. Invoices, forms and other documents must be filled out, processed, filed and stored and retrieved. In fact, the average piece of paper is handled 10 times during its lifespan. By adopting an electronic document management system, you can gain control over the paper in your office and save time and money in the process.
3 Reasons You Need Document Management
1. Increase Productivity
Paperwork eats up more of your time than you may realize. From filling out forms and contracts to filing receipts; interacting with paper can be a time-consuming process. Time spent searching through filing cabinets for documents or tracking down a misplaced hardcopy can be extremely costly to your business.
With an electronic document management system the risk of human error is reduced and finding the document you need can be as fast as typing a few keystrokes. With digital management, managers can easily get an overview of the performance of each department, so you can focus your efforts where they’re needed most.
2. Business Continuity
Paper is a fragile medium, and no time is that more apparent than when disaster strikes. A fire, flood or theft could destroy your valuable documents forever. However, with electronic document management, this does not have to be the case. Your documents can be safely secured behind multiple layers of digital security, preventing the theft of valuable materials. Documents can be automatically backed up, both locally and to an off-site location, ensuring easy recovery when a loss occurs.
3. Employee Collaboration
When documents are stored electronically, updated versions can be accessed instantly, and changes can be easily traced. Documents can also be accessed from mobile devices, allowing employees to work on documents anywhere.
Electronic document management can change your business. No longer tied to paperwork, your business can be […]