Small and medium businesses (SMBs) make up a significant portion of Canada’s economy. Despite having limited budgets and resources, SMBs are expected to produce the same level of service and products as their larger counterparts. This leads to SMBs having to find solutions to help keep costs under control. For many SMBs, using Managed Print Services helps them achieve this goal.

SMB Printing

Printing is a key task for many businesses, with as many as 75% of SMBs stating that print is one of the most-used business tools. Printing is also a tremendous strain on budgets and IT resources, often requiring frequent service, supplies and attention. With so much depending on printing, if a device goes down, it can have serious ramifications for the productivity of the office.

Rather than try to work within these strict limitations and setbacks, more SMBs are turning to Managed Print Services (MPS) for the management of their printers. This frees up money, IT resources, and staff to focus on more important revenue-generating tasks.

Managed Print Services

Whatever services you choose, you can expect to see simplified print management, reduced print costs and increased efficiency. Some common tasks performed by an MPS provider include:

  • Analysis of your print environment.
  • Modifications made to print environment to reduce costs and boost productivity.
  • Automatic supply refills.
  • Device management and maintenance.
  • Automated digital workflow solutions.

Through a combination of these services, you can achieve predictable expenses, increased printer uptime, and a decreased waste of resources.

More Services; Greater Satisfaction

More and more SMBs are realizing the benefits of outsourcing print to an MPS provider. Studies have shown that SMBs using basic Managed Print Services have a significant increase in satisfaction in the print environment. These businesses often then expand their services to further boost productivity and realize cost savings.

Overall, it has been shown that the more an SMB makes use of MPS, the more satisfied they are with the process. Digital workflows and document processes can significantly enhance your business.

Whether you’re just starting out with MPS or looking to increase your service, MPS can help your business with costs and productivity. For many SMBs struggling in these areas, there is now clear evidence that investing in MPS can greatly increase print environment satisfaction.