By: Falynne Finagan
“Everyone comes into the office, and everyone leaves their doors open. There is always a need for face-to-face meetings.” – Warren Werbitt, Owner and Founder, Pazazz.
“I constantly have to remind people that we’re not here to just put ink on paper.” As the owner and founder of Pazazz, an independent Montreal-based print house, Warren Werbitt knows a lot about the need for effective communications. “We’re a service. We create marketing communications and help our customers generate revenue,” explains Werbitt. “We’re always looking for new ways to convey that message.”
Pazazz specializes in graphic design, direct marketing, fulfilment and finishing for some of Canada’s biggest department stores, health and beauty companies, hospitals, universities, real estate firms and more. For Werbitt and his crew, setting the page free is about moving beyond those legacy perceptions tied to the print industry.
“We’re combining cutting edge technology to create cutting edge marketing,” notes Werbitt.
How do you set the page free?
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In fact, Pazazz acquired the world’s first Xerox iGen 5 Press equipped with both the optional extended color gamut and the optional capability to print on thick stock. The press expands the company’s product mix, particularly with short-run packaging. It also enhances color quality at Pazazz, which is the first printer in Canada to gain Pantone certification for color printing.
“The first time I compared an image printed on the iGen 5 with four colors to the same image printed with five, I almost lost my marbles,” Werbitt says. “The fifth color made it just so much more vibrant.”
Keeping up with technological advances has both benefits and challenges, says Werbitt. “A new tool in the office, whether it be a printing press or a software program, may speed up jobs, but it also involves a learning curve. You have to be willing to embrace change and put the necessary resources into training.”

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Back to the Basics
While Pazazz leverages the latest and greatest technology to create new solutions for its customers, Werbitt makes it a point to foster a more traditional workplace for his staff.
“Everyone comes into the office, and everyone leaves their doors open,” says Werbitt. “There is always a need for face-to-face meetings.”
Werbitt says it’s important for his team to take a break from email, especially at night and on the weekends. “I always tell my team to stop responding to emails right away. If you wait an hour and give it some thought, your response will always be different.”
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