Guest Post by Ajay Dhingra, President & Owner, Bay Street Business Solutions
When sensitive documents are left on an output tray of a multifunction printer (MFP), it can clearly present a security risk. However, it is important to understand that these devices are capable of so much more than standalone photocopiers of days past. They have evolved into highly sophisticated devices that include embedded web servers and offer the ability to connect with a variety of host applications and cloud-based services.

Given the amount of sensitive data that passes through MFPs on a daily basis, they have become the target of malicious hacks and data breaches. Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take avoid such a disaster:

User Authentication – Many companies are choosing to add authentication to their MFPs such as passwords, swipe cards or features such as secure print to ensure that the document isn’t output until the user is standing at the device. Varying levels of access can be granted at the MFP such as blocking certain employees or guests from more sensitive material, higher-level functions or server-level access. By securing your MFP, you can create an audit trail to help ensure that your confidential documents are not being inappropriately distributed.

Secure Mobile Printing – There’s certainly a demand for mobile printing, but it’s important to consider the security risks that this could present if you were to allow this capability. Some best practices would be to require user authentication and restrict access for certain users. Create a policy outlining who can, and can’t, access your network and utilize the authentication measures as mentioned above to ensure your data stays safe.

Encryption & Data Wiping – An effective way to secure the MFP’s hard drive is to use automatic disk/log wiping and data encryption. Be sure to properly decommission the hard drive when your MFP is retired.

These simple steps can protect your business, your network and your data. Think of your MFP as another computer on your network and give it the same level of protection to keep your business safe.
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