Today’s business print environment is becoming increasingly complicated as technology evolves. As a result, many businesses are turning to Managed Print Services to help them get a handle on not only their printing technology needs, but to optimize infrastructure, improve productivity and workflow, and cut expenses. The truth is, the real benefits of MPS extend beyond technology.

When you’re interviewing providers, first make sure your candidate can help you to drive greater business value over the long term. Here are two ways to create the optimal MPS experience.

1.  Go Beyond Print Management

As technology evolves your business needs to adapt. Your MPS provider’s strategy should adapt as well. Your technology needs to be able to function to meet the demanding needs of your business. The first task an MPS provider will undertake is to provide a complete technology assessment of your office machines to evaluate where you stand currently. They will then work with you to develop a strategy to enhance your current capabilities with an eye towards future growth.

When considering upgrades, your IT department will first look at computing – printer upgrades usually fall to the bottom of the list. An MPS provider can upgrade you to the latest printer technology right away. The newest printers allow your employees to fax, scan, print and copy on a single machine. Work can be remotely printed via the cloud and an MPS provider can implement a mobile print strategy to fit your needs.

An MPS provider will consider all of the software options for print controls to fit your unique needs. They can implement software controls for print monitoring, and mobile print that can save you money, increase productivity and improve workflow.

2.  Identify Growth Opportunities

Business evolves over time and your technology needs evolve as well. This is where your MPS provider can save you time and money. A good provider will analyze your company’s past growth and make recommendations for your future technological needs. In a successful relationship, your MPS provider will offer suggestions focused on growing your business and adding value, making them more than a vendor. They will become a part of your core team!

Implementing an MPS strategy is an investment that pays dividends over time. By thinking outside the box, you’ll optimize your MPS experience and save time, money, and increase value over the long term.

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