Xerox DocuShare enables document management, collaboration, review and approval, and Web publishing to support information sharing at all points of the enterprise by every knowledge worker. When coupled with Xerox scan-enabled multifunction devices, DocuShare provides a complete end-to-end document management solution from a single trusted vendor.

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Product Brochure

Key Features

  • Supports all file types, from scanned content to office documents and emails
  • Enables fast indexing for easy search and retrieval
  • Enhanced content management
    • Check-in/check-out
    • Versioning and version control
    • Document and version-level control over access, routing, and visibility
    • End-to-end content capture, processing, and distribution
    • Expanded content intake capabilities
    • Content indexing and meta-tagging
    • Content expiration tagging
    • Object sub-classing with custom metadata support
    • Full-text and metadata indexing and search
    • Flexible user levels align content access to job requirements
    • Disaster recovery/high availability
    • Archiving capabilities
  • Enhanced collaboration support
    • Weblog and wiki content management
    • Automatically route content for review without user intervention
    • Email management
    • Notification and alerts
  • Multiple levels of security
    • Password management and password rules enforcement – required for HIPAA compliance
    • Audit and event logging for accountability
    • SSL encryption