Why should controlling office print be a priority for you? Here are a few scenarios that demonstrate the negative impact that uncontrolled printing activities can have on your company’s bottom line:

Scenario #1: Having no formal procurement approval in place for print related expenses.

Did you know that the majority of companies do not have a formal procurement approval process in place for 37 to 41 percent of print-related expenses? Many of these expenses go unnoticed as they are incorrectly accounted for in departmental budgets, making it difficult to see the full impact of how this affects their bottom line.

Scenario #2: Having no controls in place to manage printing activities.

If you don’t have any printing controls in place, you are essentially allowing your employees to make a buying decision with every document that they print. Keep in mind that colour printing can cost your company as much as $1 per page depending on the printer and toner!

Giving users free reign to print as many documents as they want, in whatever form they want, is like having a company gas pump in your parking lot and relying on an honour system to manage how much gas is being used.

Scenario #3: Having no formal recycling process in place.

The typical office will toss 80 percent of used print cartridges into the trash because they don’t have a formal recycling process in place. This is not good for the environment, especially considering it takes 1,000 years for a cartridge to fully decompose.

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